Friday, June 06, 2008


I love this blog post from Jenny Doh about an unexpected compliment. It makes my day when I get compliments, especially from strangers who have no vested interest in keeping you happy, so as you go through day and see someone with an awesome bag or think someone in the elevator has a great skirt. Share it. You never know when an offhand compliment could completely change some one's day and make it great.

Also, it's Friday so the weekend is here! Woo hoo! Tomorrow is a girl's day with my friend Jen. We're meeting for breakfast then I'm going to show off the new house. I think we'll round it out with a showing of Sex and the City (I saw it once with my husband who felt bad I was willing to go alone just to see it opening weekend. He really is awesome. But now I'm going again so I can actually squeal and giggle in all the good parts.) and a trip to IKEA. It's a madhouse on Saturday but I think we can struggle through.

Sunday is a trip to the new house for pictures with the hubby then we've got to clean and work on seriously packing. I think we're hoping elves will come in the night and handle it but I'm beginning to see that's not the most viable option.

Any super exciting plans from you guys for a fabulous summer weekend?

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