Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Area

This is a pic of a temple near our new house that I love. I photoshopped the one photo into submission so you can see the details on the statue. It's an amazing site. A simple normal ranch house surrounded by statues with offerings. Wonderful!

The other photo is of me in my new studio space. These photos don't really convey the size of the space well but it's awesome and incredibly bright. I'm already making plans for the work zones! The area by the stairs is the entry when you're upstairs and it's going to be a display area with all my doll heads, glass jars, bell jars and my "Faith" print I got at the Main St. Arts Festival. Rolland is very nervous.


Cindy Dean said...

I can't wait to see it when you move in! How exciting for you!

kecia said...

wow, Amy, the house is coming along. now, make sure you add a guest bed inside your studio for visitors, hint hint! i want to hear more about the statues. they are really cool. why are there? what do they represent, etc. when do you move in?

mushroommeadows said...

Very exciting indeed!!!