Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amy Hanna inspired necklace

I loved my class I took with Amy Hanna at the Art Nest. I've been trying to incorporate more found objects and wire wrapping into pieces and I had the perfect opportunity for my friend Suzanne's b-day. I made this piece with existing chain and then I had chained the string with vintage german crystal beads (very cranky to work with beads). This was also the first time I used annealed steel and it looks great (I think) but it definitely puts up a fight! The charm on the back of the piece is a religious charm and I love the image and color on the otherwise dark piece. I was really happy with the results on this one and have big plans for earrings this weekend!


Cindy Dean said...

How beautiful! You did a great job!

kecia said...

nice job amy! every time i work on a jewerly piece, i think all of it involved is cranky! you definitely need a lot of patience and supplies that are willing to be worked with! lol. that is a really sweet b-day gift by the way!