Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

We had a big New Year's Eve of snacking on junk food and watching CSI re-runs. I think we finally caved and went to bed around 10 which is fairly typical in our house - even for New Year's Eve. When your normal day starts around 5am it's a hard schedule to break! It's been a really nice 3 day weekend with lots of puttering around the house and getting some of the smaller errands done... nothing major although the hubby did finally get his work bench built out in the garage/shop. That's a major accomplishment given that it was pretty chilly here yesterday. The puppies and I stayed nice and cozy by the fire. I think we're planning for more of the same today - maybe a few more snacks and maybe a movie.

Saturday I went shopping with my friend Gwen and used up some Christmas gift certificates. We scored a few cute tops and Gwen got a really great top/lounge sweater. We followed this up with lunch and a trip to the huge Half-Price books on Northwest Highway then a check-in at the Border's. (One of my gift certificate surprises was a post-Christmas present from Rolland for trip to the Spa. I've never actually had a massage or facial and he figured the stress of the last month means I'm due - I'm trying to figure out if I should stretch it out into several smaller treatments or blow it on two major treatments - this was the major topic of lunch :O). We had a really wonderful girly Saturday afternoon.

I did get some art work done working on polymer clay tiles - it was even worth the complaints from the husband that I was killing us all with the tiles in the oven - and finished up this that necklace I've been working on for about a week. This one took longer since the beads are smaller and we've had a lot of distractions. I've actually had this charm made for a couple of months but just now got around to finishing the piece. It's a little of season but, it's still a fun necklace that I think I'll wear all year round! The beads are German 40's-ish that I got at a flea market and love the sparkle.

I'm off to pick up the house a little so I can enjoy doing nothing else in peace for the rest of the day. Happy New Year!

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