Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sorry about the inadvertent quiet time.

Last week was just a rough week and I got home from week wiped out with very little in the way of inspiration for art. I'm hoping to get my wind back though. My friend Lara came over yesterday and we made some jewelery and munched on snacks while the weather turned ugly out. Lara headed home early since she lives quite a bit away from us but it was nice girly afternoon. My husband built us a nice fire which we crafted by and enjoyed cheese fondue voodoo- courtesy of an Alton Brown recipe (add some Parmesan cheese to make it perfect), fruit, cheese, hummus, guacamole, salsa, etc. It was a perfect Sat afternoon followed up by a trip to the bookstore and Mexican food for dinner so all in all - a perfect Saturday!

It's freezing cold again today and the trees are covered in ice but the roads aren't icy or anything so that's great. It turns out that mostly people don't know that so every time we've ventured out we've had the roads and stores to ourselves! :) Rolland starts his new job tomorrow and is allowing himself plenty of travel time. I get the day of for MLK day and am celebrating with a massage, my first, courtesy of a gift certificate hubby bought me during a stressful period a few weeks back so I'm very excited. I'm planning to rest up and then get started on V-day cards and finish up my charms for a swap... I promise to do better with the posting so you can plan on seeing pics of the cards. I can't post pics of the charms until after the swap but I'll get a pic up of the charm from the 12 Days of Xmas swap exchange. I don't think I ever posted what I made for that one.

p.s. If you look at the margin on the right you'll notice I added a section for my friends and some blogs I check out regularly. There's a few more I need to add but this was just a start. I was inspired after having dinner with a friend of mine the other night who's encouraging me to study more design, photoshop, flash, etc. It's something I want to do but have been kind of hesitant about it. Turns out I was being extremely silly about my blog - this update really was as easy as copy and paste! :) I just need to go ahead and take some classes and realize somethings will be difficult and tricky but others won't. That's the fun part.

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Bo said...

Hooray for tasty Alton Brown creations and cold days!