Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Day Today

We got a surprise snow day today with the ice and snow that fell this morning. It was definitely great and we took advantage of it by making stew and watching daytime television! I also worked on my charms for the Valentine's swap... I'm a little behind because my fairly simple project got a little complicated.

I'm also fending of a cold/illness that's been trying to come on for a couple of weeks but I woke up with the scratchy throat that's now a major sore throat and the beginnings of a cough. I'm ignoring the body aches and chills hoping they'll go away. This is not going to end well. :( I made reservations at Ruth's Chris for Sat to celebrate hubby's new job so I'm really hoping to hold off on any major symptoms until after that.

This is the charm I made for the 12 Days of Xmas swap. I never posted the pics of my gift since it was a surprise but here it is. The finished piece and the collage by itself. The idea was to make something to help remind everyone of the 12 Days Swap "club". It was a lot of fun and the Valentine's swap has been great also. These are some amazing and talented artists and Lelainia has done a fantastic job organizing everything as well as doing a wonderful job of wrangling us!

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