Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snow Days

I made this pic last week for the December Challenge for Mixed Media Artists. This one was a lot of fun since it was mostly coloring, playing with glitter and glue! I had a little bit of difficulty on the background since I knew the exact shade of blue I wanted but getting it was a little bit harder than I imagined. In the end, I beat the canvas down with a lot of water and paper towels.
The basic idea was to create a piece that evoked a childhood memory and this one is sort of a culmination of a lot of memories for me. I made it last week when we were hit with the flurry of slight ice and snowflakes but very cold weather and it really reminded me of those extremely rare times when we got 2 snow days from school. 1 was not all that unusual, but 2 was almost unthinkable.
Oddly, the most striking thing about this image for me though is the house. It's the house that evokes the most memories for me. My grandparents house was pink and growing up, that was where almost all of the family gatherings were regardless of seasons or occassions. When I really think about where we were for most of my childhood memories with my extended family we were in a pink house on the Kansas prairie. :)

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