Monday, December 11, 2006

Glinda Collage

I made this one for my little sister for Christmas. It's a 3-d collage under glass on one side and a regular collage under glass on the other. The box is just a regular cardboard jewelry box from the Container Store that I painted on the 3-d side. The flat side is water color paper I painted to get the perfect shade of yellow brick road yellow. I printed the lyrics directly on to the paper, added Dorothy and the German scrap border and the back was exactly how I wanted it. The front however was not so easy. It was tricky to get that crown glued in to place but 4 hours later and half a tube of liquid nails later, it's good to go! I used some pink glittery jewels from Papier Valise to prop up the crown.

Just a tip here, it kept beading up with moisture under glass when I was finished soldering so I ripped the finished solder off. TWICE - because I was that freaked out about it but tonight I finally just did it one more time and let it cool (my husband also talked me down from the ledge after another freak out) and the moisture evaporates after it cools down and it's fine so don't worry about that part if you decide to tackle this project and have a similar experience.

I was inspired my the mini-Hallmark ornaments we saw at the mall shopping so I put them to good use here. The idea is the Glinda the good witch left her goodies in a hurry to meet the wizard but not without leaving a note! I may have a few left over for some fun pieces later.

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Jen said...

Hello, I was just wandering and found your blog. I also live in McKinney and flatter myself that I am a collage/mixed media artist. Small world, eh? I like the look of your work.