Monday, February 13, 2006

True Love Assemblage

I've been inspired by the holidays and reading lots of other art blogs to try my hand at assemblage. This is the first piece I've done where everything started from scratch. My very patient husband built the main structure based on some very shaky drawings and rough dimensions. I sanded (with my brand new wood block!), painted glued, etc until I became pretty happy with the result. I'm not sure that the 3D translates in the photo but the couple are actually mounted by a paper covered domino... happy accident there. The sheet music was something I had in my stores for a few years, a gift from a great friend who is a very talented artist in his own right, and the rest were pieces from other projects that found a new home here.

I'm really proud of my first attempt and find it fittingly romantic on Valentine's Day eve. The posts of other artists and displays of their work have helped me to realize that it's okay to not get something exactly right and it's okay to try something new. The real adventure is in the trying, not the end result. This is a lesson I'm hoping to get better at remembering when I start to think I can't do something. I need to try it and if it doesn't work out, I could find something even better in the end.

Anyway, I'm off to watch more of the Olympics... Happy Valentine's Eve everyone!

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