Tuesday, February 21, 2006


It's a gorgeous foggy misty morning here where you could stay curled up in bed all morning but instead we get up at 5am and drag ourselves to work. I've been feeling really strained trying to fit everything in that I want to get done. I'm really excited about my take on the altered cirque book but I'm having real trouble finding time to do art. What's amazing is that when you're working on a piece or thinking about an idea, at least for me, this then spurs even more ideas that I want to explore so I either end up with 5 pieces in various states of completion or not even starting because I have other responsibilities I need to get done.

I don't have any illusions that this struggle is particular to me but am a little lost on how to work it all in. That's probably the trick right, that what's really important will get done and if the house doesn't get dusted on Sat or after work one night, no one will implode and all will not be lost!

On a more arty note, I've signed up to do a swap and the theme is Fool for Love and it's a jewelry swap. I've got a couple of ideas about working in some mixed media pieces to create a fairly large pin or pendant made up of found objects. It's either going to be fabulous or truly tacky, it's a fine line to walk and sometimes, I'm clearly on the tacky side but there is a fundamental truth to life that there is no such thing as too much glitter!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'm adding a photo of a collage I made a couple of years ago and it reminds me of my sister and I. We just framed it so I'm showing off my amazing painting 101 skills. My husband built the basic frame and I got paint and nail gun it on! He's working up to letting me play with his toys, but I have to admit to being the clumsiest person in the world so his reluctance isn't entirely without cause!

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