Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sparkly period

I'm definitely in my sparkly period. One of my new favorite things in the world is German glass glitter and I might, not admitting anything here, think that almost every project would benefit from a little bit of sparkle. (I do tend to over do on the jewelry as well.) But I've added a couple of projects so you can see my latest craze. The Paris box doesn't necessarily translate well from the photo but the letters in Paris are made from black cardstock spray glued and then covered in pure silver glitter. The images are photos that I took when we visited Paris last fall. The box itself is painted in several layers of various grays and silvers. I wanted the box to appear like a vintage jewelry box that's losing it's luster but aging gracefully.

The other project is a box that I crackled and lined with this fantastic paper made by Cavallini that shows tarot cards with puppies used as the major arcana. It's all in black and white. The images are funny and beautiful all at once... I'm partial to that particular pairing. The form was painted black and then covered in clear glitter to shine. I added a bottle cap necklace and called it done. They are set up in a pairing in my bedroom with a faux limoges Paris box, 5 euro in Paris (who could resist!) and several photos of husband and I in vintage frames. It's one of my favorite spots in the house.

I'm still working on the altered book and a collage for my Dad's b-day. His b-day is on Sunday and I'm leaving tomorrow at 5:30 am for Kansas... it's a long drive and I'm a little worried I might not make it but it'll be fun trying!

I'll post the collage images when finished. Have a great weekend!

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