Monday, August 06, 2012


I kept saying I wanted the summer to be packed with family, fun and lots of progress on this year's goals and I guess it's true to be careful what you wish for. We've had some fantastic fun with family and everyone enjoying our first summer with Sophy and I got in a surprise trip to DC with the fantastic upside of being able to visit my friend Elisa and meet her super cool family. But, it's also been rough losing Abby and Maya within a month of each other. They were our first babies and will always be loved.

I also started a new job that's challenging. For a lot of reasons, but they have a pretty stringent 8-5 policy. Normally that would be more than reasonable but it's tough as we try to juggle schedules with Sophy and I really really miss our lazy mornings together. I used to have lots of flexibility and a 3 mile commute. It's incredibly hard to try and get in all the time I'd like to with her and worry we're not doing a good job leaving her with the folks at baby school 9-10 hours a day. It's heart breaking for a new Mama but I think good for her. She likes people, she's got great motor skills and seems to be a totally happy and healthy baby. I just miss her.

I also miss a lot of my old work crew. We had gotten to be a pretty tight group that really enjoyed working together. This is my first job in 13 years where I went in without knowing anyone and it's a completely different culture from where I've been in the past and it's been a struggle. Almost all of which has been on my side as I try to move on from losing my team and some seriously awesome co-workers. I left voluntarily rather than move, and candidly it just wasn't the gig I signed up for anymore, so while it's fantastic to be employed and I'm truly grateful Rolland and I are both very lucky to have our jobs, I still miss the motley crew of folks from Blockbuster. Rare is the position that requires you to have meetings on the ruling of who is, and isn't, a zombie. Sneaking in Nathan Fillion and Firefly references in most of our content was also a tremendous perk.

We've struggled a little with illness off and on as well. We can't seem to get everyone on the mend at the same time and when any of the schedule goes haywire so does the meal planning and healthy strategies but we're still slogging forward to keep it on track and it's fun that we can now start Sophy on solids. She's completely confused by the concept of food outside of a bottle but willing to give it a go. Rolland got her high chair put together and ready to add it as a new fixture to the dining room. Pictures will be provided.

Ok, enough of my venting post and I'm working on some new arty goodness along with a bunch of cute baby on vacation pics for next time. Slowly but surely getting back in the blogging saddle.

Happy Tuesday and I'm off for a little Olympic looky looing.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing, Amy. It's easy to say everything is rosy, but more difficult to be open about how you're feeling and what's going on. I applaud and appreciate your honesty. And just know we all love you very much and are always rooting for you!

Mark Tran said...

Yeah, I'd miss me too.