Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boxes: Pretty, Pretty Boxes

I've been working on some new boxes and jewelry in hopes of actually stocking my Etsy store and going to some craft shows this fall. I'm especially loving a few of the pieces including these boxes below. Great for hiding jewelry, recipes and other bits and bobs that might be laying around. You know, like the bits and bobs you might use to put on top of other boxes. Vicious cycle people. Vicious cycle.

This box was months in the making and I'm pretty sure I started before I was pregnant so a mere 15 months ago. It had the base color and over the last two weeks I actually started layering glaze, charcoal, marker and text. The main phrase on the front was a scrap of paper I've had on my desk for two years and it finally found a home. I'm also loving the way the finial turned out sans doll head. This was hard but that handle and rhinestone are perfect.

This box I know was finished up to the charcoal way before I was pregnant and I just hadn't gotten around to applying fixative to keep the charcoal on the box. Finally picked that up and sprayed it within an inch of it's life (still get a little charcoaly but I'm claiming it as adding to the charm). I also had this sheet with chocolate recipes and it seemed like the ideal addition since I'm convinced someone else will love chocolate, purple and doll heads. Right? Seriously, I can't be the only one.

Working on the shameless promotion since I plan to actually start selling things so here goes...

These would be awesome gifts for the holidays: teacher gifts, shower gifts, perfect for wedding/baby gifts, and just as a treat to hold your own special treasures.I can make them with specific colors and various finials if for some reason you aren't a fan of doll heads or handles. Although let's talk since I clearly can't imagine such a scenario! I promise to have them done in a speedy fashion if anyone were so inclined to have specific requests.

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