Saturday, August 11, 2012

Because my husband is awesome...

this necklace is now mine.

This was a surprise present from my husband. I sent him the link a couple of weeks ago as a suggestion for Christmas but he went ahead and ordered it. It's been a rough few weeks and he wanted to give me a little something. It's a super sweet reminder that things will get better and just keep pushing through. Also, this is especially nice since he hates it. :) He is not a fan of my hommage to Rachel Zoe with pieces like this but because he's awesome and loves me he orders me surprise jewelry he hates to make me happy.

Ladies (and gentlemen for that matter), if you find one like this (skeptical since I think I got the only one) keep him! There isn't anything better out there. The grass is not greener and there aren't more fish in the sea who will buy a giant bejewled ram's head because it will make you happy. Really.

Thank you sweetie, I love it and you.

P.S. My daughter is going to love going through Mommy's jewelry cabinet one day.

P.S.S. The necklace is from Bauble Bar


Mark Tran said...


Mark Tran said...

I'm with Rolland on not liking it.

Amy Huff said...

Well, I'll be sure to wear it on our next group outing. Also, it's huge so there's no missing it!