Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday in the Kitchen

I spent some time in the kitchen today and made a new batch of spicy rosemary nuts from the Barefoot Contessa. I up the heat factor by using habanero powder instead of chipotle powder. More of the snacks were requested by the husband and his coworkers.

We're having Italian for dinner and I love garlic bread but wanted to find an easy recipe to make the french bread myself. I found this one on and so far it was easy, smelled great and looks good. I won't know until a little later how it tastes. I have high hopes since it really was super easy and could save a lot of $.

Last up for tonight is fried mozzarella balls and tomato dipping sauce as an appetizer prior to spaghetti. I'll have to snap some shots if it works out well. I'd post the recipe for the mozzarella but Pinterest is down.

Even though the baby was going crazy playing earlier, at least that makes it sound more whimsical than just beating the crap out of Mommy's internal organs, and I desperately wanted a nap I'm excited I managed to get some kitchen time in. I've missed my fancy measuring cups and kitchen aid mixer. It's also been fantastic to have a fire in the fireplace and football in the background. Perfect Sunday.

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