Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inspiration vs Copy

All of the intellectual property talk generated by SOPA and the award season gowns made me start thinking about how I'm a big fan of protecting IP but where exactly is the line? I'm not a fan of the exact replicas that appear after a major event where you can get the copy of the gorgeous Oscar gown for $150 bucks but I love seeing how that dress can inspire others to do something similar that's all their own. I have a couple of exceptions that make me feel like I'm walking pretty close to the hypocritical line but there you go. I don't have issues with craft projects where you make your own version of whatever it is. The same with creating your own inspired versions of high end art, design, etc as long as you aren't reselling it but purely for your own individual purposes.

I've attached images of what really got me thinking about this. This is the super fancy Cartier bracelet of my dreams. Gold encrusted with gems that's over the top but still elegant and timeless.

image here

This bracelet is an enamel animal bracelet I saw on Zulily that is probably not timeless and elegant but I love it and find it fun and interesting. It's also a much better price point at $11 and still hits the spot for a fantastic bangle. It's also not trying to be the Cartier bracelet but a fan piece to add to your wardrobe which is perfect for me.

Image from Zulily

As an artist, I try to remember my vision even when inspired by other pieces and artists. I try not to get too close to the original but it can be tough. All I know for sure is I can't wait to get my bracelet and have some fun with all of the accessorizing.

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