Sunday, January 08, 2012

Baby Shower in Missouri

My family threw a fantastic baby shower for me in Missouri this weekend. Anita, my sister-in-law, coordinated with my Mom to get it set up with all kinds of tasty goodness and invitations on both sides. Everyone went way beyond in the planning and it was gorgeous. Anita also acted in the role of waitress making sure everyone had everything they needed - she's much nicer than me. I would have self-service all over the ladies.

It was also our last road trip pre-baby delivery. I hadn't had any issues with swelling until the 6 hour drive from here to Springfield. By the end of the day I had definite cankles and it was seriously unattractive and generally unpleasant. No more long road trips until Sophy can ride along outside of the womb. She does seem especially displeased with road maintenance in southern Oklahoma so if someone could get on that it would be great.

Back to the shower. I clearly had a good time since these were the only photos I took. Luckily my sister-in-law, Sandi, is a fantastic photographer and she was all over it with the picture taking. I'll do more photos when she's gone through the 300 she took! It was mostly a family shower and a little mini-reunion for my husband's family and everyone was fabulous. They seemed to have a good time and awed appropriately with all the pinky goodness. This kid is set for a long time!

My plate of goodies

The sagging presents table! Everyone was incredibly generous and I'm a little teary at how happy everyone was to celebrate us and the baby.

I was in love with this mural on the wall at the tea room where we had the shower.

Little festive goodness in the form of vines, twinkling lights and chandelier.

The table that greeted the guests. My Mom had a fantastic idea of having folks address their thank you cards when the came in making it super easy to get those suckers in the mail. She also had everyone wrote a note on little onsies that were clothes pinned to the cake table with miniature pins. Super cute.

Gorgeous cake my Mom made. Dad had to do a little baby decapitation but it was totally worth it in the cuteness that resulted.

Now we're going to get started on washing all the baby clothes and seriously getting ready for her arrival including bag packing. Luckily we bought her outfit for coming home a few weeks ago so the big decisions are all done. :)

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