Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nursery Pictures

I finally took some pictures of the nursery. It's pretty much done but I'm thinking of totally reorganizing the baby clothes. The dresser is pretty crowded and the closet is fairly empty so it needs a little balancing. Most everything in the nursery was on sale or something we had with a few exceptions.

This is the corner by the closet door with the cute girl version of the iconic cat clock. The doll is one I made inspired by Lisa Kaus. Both of which use to live in my studio but look great in here. I wanted her to have a few things Mommy made from the very beginning.

The ottoman and glider are two exceptions. The glider was on sale at Potter Barn Kids but was still pricey with the shipping and slip cover. The ottoman was custom made and ordered through a friend. Even being custom, it was 1/2 the price of the matching ottoman from (PBK) and has a lot more interest. It's big enough to act as a table for her when she's older. The picture behind the chair is one of my favorites and I got it on Etsy.

The dresser is an antique that was once my great-grandmother's. Now it's made fancier with knobs from Anthropologie. The two top ones are sparrows in pink, blue and white. The others are pink crystal daisies with gold centers. Love them. The picture above the dresser is a photo taken by Wendy Bix. I was super lucky and won mine via a twitter giveaway but you can pick up your own from her Etsy shop. The bunny box is awesome and I need to get a better shot. My friend Randall bought it for her when we were shopping the Christmas sale at Anthropologie. The retro fan was also moved from my studio to her room. Love the aqua against the pink and white.

Her crib was a PBK sale with sheets and monkey (which won't be in the crib when she is until much older) were shower gifts.

The changing table was a super discount via PBK kids that the husband found fairly early on in the nursery development. The changing pad was a gift from my Mom along with a pad cover. This one in polka dots was a shower gift. Still need to organize the diaper and baby paraphernalia that's squirreled away in the baskets but it's fantastic that the basket holds the all the clutter.

Bookshelf was moved from the studio and is filled with a mix of new and existing items. Her Aunt, a librarian, is building her quite the library with a few additions from friends, grandparents and some of my favorite classic mythology and of course Harry Potter series.

I had a couple of these prints in my studio and am crazy about them and new immediately I wanted them in her nursery. I ordered the bubble gum pic to create the triptych and the husband did a fantastic job of hanging them. The Black Apple has some great series images that could fit into all kinds of themes (which I seriously avoided since I knew I would take it way too far). Her circus images are fantastic.

I hope she likes it and I don't immediately turn her off of pink and all things girly. :O

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