Monday, October 13, 2008

Grand Canyon

Finally made it in Vegas so I can post some pics. These are of us at the Grand Canyon yesterday. That is one gorgeous national park! Rolland was much braver than I as he got right up to the edge and made me very nervous. Of course, it wasn't a long way to go for me since I hate heights! I can't make fun of Abby at the vet anymore since I had some serious leg shakes sitting on the rock overlooks. Yikes! I did overcome my issues and scampered over some rocks, down steps, around trees to get the perfect shots. Seriously, if you get a chance a road trip to the Grand Canyon is the perfect decompressing kind of trip. Even my stuffed baby bear and his lion loved it - they didn't have to do much hiking since they were riders in my bag but still. :)

Now, we've made it to the Bellagio where, amazingly, you have to pay for the internet! OY! But, since we're that big of tech nerds, we paid and I've clearly made use of the connection. I'll have more pics soon - including the Bouchon eclair I could eat everyday!


Cindy Dean said...'s great you made it to Vegas! Give me a buzz and I will meet you for drinks or something!

Melissa M said...

It's great to hear you made it there safe and sound. I wasn't able to make it to the Grand Canyon when I went to Vegas a couple years ago. So it is great to see your photos.
Have Fun