Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall in Texas

It's almost fall here I can feel it! Well, mostly I'm trying to will it into fall so I'm taking the 70 degree high as a sign to wear boots and sweaters. This week I was supposed to go to LA for a class but work has been crazy since my return and I can't really justify heading out for another 3 days but I'm already thinking of my goodies for Silver Bella! I can't wait for all the girlie fun.
Instead, we're going to do some housekeeping this weekend - I like to fall clean instead of spring clean - and hit the farmer's market. We've been doing pretty well about eating at home since getting back from the trip. All the restaurants were super tasty but I think we have a little bit of restaurant burnout. If it really is fall temps, we're opening the windows and putting on the vegetable soup!
p.s. In case you were wondering about the odd photo, my Pegasus pic is being used on this guide. Not a big deal but I thought it was kind of fun.

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