Sunday, September 23, 2007

Collaborative cave project

My husband and I worked on a collaborative cave project for our Halloween village. We started the decorating this weekend in hopes we'll be ready for outside next weekend so by Oct 1, we'll be set for spooky good times! The idea was to build a box, cover it in spray foam insulation, sand, paint and then add to the village.

Okay, Rolland built the box out of scrap MDF and then we covered it in the foam. So far so good except the foam really expands and really doesn't spread so you have to have a lot of it. Also, it's better to do the inside first. :) We only did the top before realizing our (really my) mistake. Each foam side takes an hour to dry so we started Friday and by today, Sunday, I was able to spray paint the base coat. I then did a wash of grey and iridescent silver. Viola, we have a cave!

You'll notice the sanding didn't work out. We smoothed the rough areas out with a drywall saw. This worked like a charm and is a must have tool.

Finally, we added the rest of the houses and you have a finished village. I know it's still early but he's out of town and it's going to take me the rest of the week to get all the other decorating done! I've added before and after cave pics plus the overall village pictures. Also, Rolland gets full credit for the awesome addition to the car climbing up the cave!

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Suzan-- said...

Wow Amy!! Your cave ROCKS!! It is so cool!!! I love it!!

I hope the results on your MRI were good! I will be keeping you in my prayers!