Monday, September 17, 2007


Okay, this is a two part blog entry. The first part is where I whine about how tired I am and my follow-up visit to the neurologist. Your reward for listening to this rant is the second part of the blog where I finally give up the goods on the visit to Jim Neely's from our Memphis trip. OR, I suppose you can just skip to that part but it's not stopping me from whining.

PART 1: So, I go to my follow-up like the good little patient where the doctor, for the second time, is convinced I have made up ever having had a previous MRI because the hospital has lost the results. Nevermind that my husband accompanied me to said MRI, he's clearly in on the scam, we spent 30 minutes on this. Again. Before he finally admitted maybe I should just go have another one. And, again, most of this visit was spent on random discussions on how it's all just guessing and how am I sure I feel the same. OF COURSE I FEEL THE SAME! HE HASN'T DONE ANYTHING BUT CALL FOR MY "IMAGINED" MRI RESULTS!!!

All of this leads me into how tired I am. Not just tired but weary, exhausted from all the doctors, and tests and medicines to tell me I need to lose weight. Done it. Now lose more weight. Ok, working on it. Now take this pill. No, wait, the blue pill. No, wait, I meant these 4 red pills, but only at night with bread. If you still get migraines, and feel dizzy then try the pink pills, two red ones and no blue ones but try this orange one instead. Seriously, I hear Jefferson Starship playing "White Rabbit" in the background but without any of the fun trippiness. Mostly, I'm cranky, snappish and more than a little moody which is asking a lot for my husband to deal with but he does. And I start to feel like maybe I am a little bit crazy, I mean maybe my head hurting and feeling terrible is all in my head somehow - you know what I mean here. You almost wish they would find something on the MRI just so you could go "Ah" see, I told you! But then, clearly there's something wrong with you and you don't want to have a horrible illness just for validation. Seriously, I'm stubborn but there are limits here people. Anyway, 9:45 tomorrow MRI. You all are my witness and if need be, I'm calling all you asses if have to, 'cause he's really pushing it with this imaginary results business. Clearly, I've reached my limit!

Part 2: Jim Neely's is just as tasty as I hyped it up to be. It deserves all the Food Network attention and then some. Now, in the order of full disclosure I have to admit that we had less than desirable service and some of my crankiness begin to show through when I was not kept to my regular scheduled lunch timing - we went in around 1:15 and got food about 3 and thought ourselves lucky to see it. Bo mentioned his last visit it was prompt service so it could've been a holiday weekend thing.

Here's the thing. There were plenty of people who appeared to be working there but only one woman who was truly running the show and she was busy. Also, the quality of your service was clearly equal to the quality of your attitude. Bo and Rolland being nice southern boys, and me keeping my mouth shut, got us our food and drinks eventually. They got the Sampler Platters with pork and beef served in a variety of styles - ALL GOOD. I got a BBQ beef sandwich and sides. Also, tasty! Most important take away is that even with the wait, I would still go back and wait for it again, it was that good. And, that entertaining. Several people put on a show in terms of their styles. One table, not going to wait and made their feelings known. Our waitress responded in kind. The table behind us gracious and loved the place. Our waitress also responded in kind. Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ in Memphis is worth the visit for wonderful BBQ and truly wonderful people watching.


vintagecollage said...

You have not had BBQ until you visit Neely's. When we were living in Arkansas, Steve would stop on his travels and bring it home. Service has always been good for us. They were probably in on the MRI scam!!!! Debbie

abbymaya said...

Oh, you're right! Curses, foiled again. Although it does make me feel better that now that I've successfully completed an MRI I can get the tasty BBQ.