Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lost and Found

I originally made this charm as a pin but I never really wear it and I love it so I popped the back off and converted it to a pendant. I added two smoky quartz strings - I had to do a little re-counting to make sure the beads worked out right. Turns out that even when counting, I still can't do math! And in about 45 minutes (add in the soldering time for the two jump rings) I got a new necklace that I'll add in to the regular rotation. :)

In a non-jewelry update, I had my MRI today. It went well, no results just the test. Turns out the tube was much smaller than I remembered and I was packed in there like cotton in an aspirin bottle! I did get a warm blanket though. It was not the most comfy I had ever been but definitely not the worst either. I treated myself to Mexican food and ice cream and I was all better!

Maya puppy had to also get more medicine from the puppy dermatologist for another skin outbreak. She had been doing great but this one we think is from a flea bite (by we, I mean the dermatologist). We're blaming the dog next door that we discovered sneaking into our yard since we've never had fleas in 7 years. This is the same set of neighbors who keeps getting a new dog every time they get tired of them. They're on the fourth dog and every time they make their way into our yard. We, of course, being dog lovers try to be nice about it but after this last outbreak where our dog is actually seriously allergic - patience is gone. We even volunteered to adopt the last dog. That one disappeared and we have no idea what happened to her. Everyone, please keep up with your flea/tick medicine. We had let it go since Maya was having all her issues and she got off her bath schedule and OY! Clearly, it's time to get a new fence.

Rolland is currently in the wilds of Wisconsin and has promised to bring home more cheese. Including more cheese curds. Tasty goodness. He has learned, in his many visits, that the test of true fresh curds is that they squeak. No idea what's up with that, but that's what they tell him and we can verify that it's true. If anyone's got any info on it, you know we love the foodie tips!


vintagecollage said...

Love the charm. I too would wear it more as a pendant. Debbie

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / thomranch@hctc.net said...

I'm glad your MRI went well and I will be anxious to hear the results which I am praying will be clear and free of whatever it is that is causing you to have the MRI in the first place!
The pendant - DARLING!! I want it! LOL I'm just now getting into making jewelry - kinda and always love to see what others have done. Yours is fabulous!! Jan

sue said...

Great necklace! Living in WI, I can attest to the fact that the best cheese curds really do squeak:) Within 1/2 hour, any direction from us, there's a cheese factory, so I forget that not everyone has cheese curds as a staple in their diet-lol! I agree about the mri tube being small-not fun, even with headphones & valium-just a tad bit too claustrophic for my taste.