Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wonder Woman for Appendicitis

My friend Mark asked me to make a charm for his cat sitter who is a 12 year old girl with a burst appendix going in for surgery. His direction was something with the initial "k" and maybe something with strength and courage. I like to use words or thoughts that will inspire and that I want to have close to my heart on the back so the back of this one has "strength" and "courage". I'm hoping this will inspire her and help her feel better. I'm also throwing in a bottle cap with her initial, just in case. :)

As a follow up to the health issues I haven't blogged about in a while, I saw the neurologist today who was almost less than helpful but I get to see him in a month after trying some new meds and amazingly enough, he suggested getting tips from the Internet. OY!

Anyway, the road trip plans are firming up and my friend Bo is taking the Feasting on Asphalt challenge with us so I'm definitely going to be driving everyone crazy with my incessant planning and squealing about the trip!

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Bo said...

I know every barbecue joint in the southeast! I can't wait!