Monday, August 13, 2007

Finally, Vegas Update

It's been more than a little non-stop here since we got back from Vegas. We re-did our guest room, including finishing putting down the laminate floors from the studio that stopped just outside the hallway, painted, put two beds together, hung a TV, two ceiling fans (don't ask), took out all the furniture, put said furniture back, had guests, entertained them, you get the idea.

We wanted to relax and catch up on movies this weekend but were only able to see two before I was felled by a serious migraine and we were forced to retreat to the living room and darkness (the Bellagio is worth the extra money for the blackout shades and curtains alone!) - seriously! We saw the Bourne Ultimatium, which I loved, and the Simpsons Movie, so I can drag him to some chick flicks now before I succumbed completely.

Anyway, the pic of me is at the Wynn and I'm not incredibly pissed off but I was caught mid-laugh. Amazingly enough, on me the two look exactly the same! The Wynn is gorgeous and uber-upscale but also extremely whimsical so I loved it! This was the path to serious shopping. The other is the gorgeous falls off a patio that had lovely sculptures in the water that had me transfixed until Rolland moved me along for the other nice tourists waiting their turn.

I know there are people that hate the gaudiness and all the trappings of Vegas, but for me, I really love the juxtaposition of all the created beauty - even the tacky beauty - and vitality of the people and places between the surrounding stillness and peacefulness of the desert. It's loud and quiet, whichever you need or want, strangely (and for the Harry Potter fans) it's like a giant room of requirement.
Oh yeah, my necklace for the show at work got 2nd place in the show. I got a ribbon. And ice cream.

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Cindy Dean said...

Hope you had fun here! I live here and don't go to the strip that often. I like your art. I am a member of the Mixed Media Collage Artists too.