Saturday, June 02, 2007

Masked Ballerina ATC

I'm participating in a swap here and I made this piece to exchange. I wanted to make my version of a very feminine and girly tarot card but we needed to include a new technique. I used beeswax and I loved how it turned out!

I used watercolor crayons for the background and on the ballerina (I collaged her on to the piece separately) and love the colors. Added the stamped and embossed word with brown ink and silver embossing powder and then covered everything in beeswax with my handy new little black and pink iron. It looks great in the studio! :)

The beeswax finish softens the colors and ages the piece even more. I even did the back so my name plate sort of melted into the paper background giving it a great effect. I think I'm hooked. I'm planning on doing a series of cards, at least 1-10 with a similar technique. I'm really inspired with the new hunk of beeswax and iron, plus it smells great... oh, perfect for Christmas cards!

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