Sunday, June 03, 2007

London Calling....

We're planning to head back to the UK this fall and visit London over Thanksgiving - it shouldn't be a big holiday for them. :) We're flying into New York City on Weds the week before Thanksgiving and staying the night and flying into London bright and early on Thursday. We'll do it all over again and will actually be flying back on Thanksgiving and spending the holiday on a plane and hotel room then flying back to Dallas Friday morning from New York. The housesitting and puppysitting is all arranged and I'm already looking forward to the 6 days of relaxing heaven! It's resting, breakfast, shopping/exploring, eating/resting, shopping/exploring, resting, eating, resting, then start again... heaven, I'm telling you! I've got to start the itinerary. Rolland works better with a plan and I want to get in all the places we missed last time.

This is a project I started last weekend when I did some craft shopping. It was mostly color inspired but it's also slightly on theme since it's called "Alice's Journal" and includes photos of Queen Victoria (who I love). I was working on it last weekend when my friend Lara came over for an art play day. I've also made a few new necklaces that I'll post later this week.

Have a great week!

P.S. I've also purchased tickes for Gay Bingo at the Lakewood, going with some pals (previous gig but still love the friends so the suckey job was worth it just for the truly lovely friends {see... silver lining right there!}) in two weeks and Kathy Griffin at Bass Hall in July, both should be more than a riot so I'll give you a full update.

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