Sunday, May 20, 2007

Backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds...

That seems to be the theme for the last week so that's what I've been working on in the studio. I've been playing with some new supplies that I've never tried before like the oil paint stick by Shiva (I got mine here since they're all over Dallas). I got two - cobalt blue and white and it was a bigger investment than I normally make in a test supply (almost $10 bucks each) but I love the backgrounds on the canvas and they dry in 24 hours with no mess! In case you wanted a testimonial - I haven't attached anything via a gel medium or any glue products so I'll keep you updated on that front. Edited to add: I got my supplies at Asel after leaving work on Friday afternoon since summer hours started (yeah, summer hours!) and a quick listen to the concert at Pegasus Square downtown at lunchtime. Last Friday was a band that included a super nice guy, Ryan, that I've worked with so you should check them out.

My other finds include a big hunk of beeswax that I'm testing out all kinds of applications on (I know I'm the last one to this party but I'm such a klutz I was concerned I would set myself on fire but once I realized I solder regularly it seemed less risky). And, I've been using the tricks from my Michael de Meng workshop to make some desperately needed bookends for my bookshelves that are packed and overflowing. I've painted the previously flag blue metal bookends in washes of yellow, ochre and the quinacridone gold - I've just got to add all the pieces/parts. I'm thinking of just adding the hot wheels sans altering for fun but we'll see. Once I have more than backgrounds of anything I'll post some pics.

I've also been playing with my new Mac but that's not anywhere near the comfort area of the beeswax, bookend altering or oil painting. :) By day, I'm an Interaction Designer and live on the computer (PC) but the Mac is throwing me. . . I think it may be smarter than I am but in the nicest way possible. It's thrown me for a loop but, I did a test run on Photoshop Elements (not even the real Photoshop that I'm saving for) and I found some new tricks. I have a crush on my brainy new Mac that knows lots of things my PC seemed to be hiding from me.

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Bo said...

What? All of that talk about beeswax and not even one "none of your" joke? Sheesh.