Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fun summer bag

I'm participating in a new swap that involves making a bag to exchange and I'm definitely in need of practice so I just wanted to play with some fun fabric I had, no real pattern or anything, and I made this one today. Definitely not quitting my day job anytime soon and I think I have a few more in my future before I'm ready to pack up and ship of my bag for an exchange but it was fun working in a new medium although it's a lot harder to deal with fabric than paper... it's much harder to just keep trimming until the line is straight! Next time, I'm getting out the pattern and going in with the multiple fabrics... all I'm saying is french blue, chocolate, polka dots and paisley (I think that's enough).


Knitwit said...

That's a fabulous first-time purse! I'm tellin' ya, anything you touch turns beautiful!!

abbymaya said...

Aww, thanks!