Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Business Card Holder Cover

I bought a bunch of these books at target, I think they're called brag books, for $1.00 and they're small 61/2 x 5 photo albums and I've used one to hold ATC's and I've made one into a holder for business cards that I've collected from vendors, swaps, shows, etc. This is the cover that I've made for it using some new paper that I found at Hobby Lobby that had crowns... and was pink. The thinner secondary ribbon was found at Michael's and is from Martha Stewart's new line.

I'm a little torn since mostly she drives me crazy with all the feelings of inadequacy she tries to instill in all women who aren't canning, creating their own crafts line, running an empire and baking muffins at 3 am but I really liked the ribbon so I caved. Clearly my morals are extremely cut and dried as long as coveting of ribbon is not involved!


debra said...

I so know what you mean about MS! As a person and personality, I don't care for her a bit and she does get on every one of my last nerves!! But...some of those products are so cool...I try to think of it as supporting the local economy ;-)

kecia said...

what a great idea! i'll have to hit target for some to work on! love it and your studio!

abbymaya said...

Thanks! I'm clearly in my "pink" period... I'm totally stealing Debra's line of supporting the economy and not looking back on the Martha ribbons.