Monday, May 07, 2007

New Studio!

This is what I've been working of for the last couple of weeks and I'm thrilled to report that with only a few minor odds and ends left to squeeze in, it's finished! I'm all moved in and have been creating! I am beyond excited and Rolland has commented that he's hardly seen me since the make-over but I love it, it turned out exactly liked I imagined (with only slightly less square footage but I can live with that). I've attached the before and after pics for you to compare.

Just to be clear - the chandelier is black, crystal and unbelievably sparkly and yes, the walls are pink and it does occasionally look like the walls "have been hosed down with pepto-bismol" to quote Sally Field. Trust me, Rolland took the opportunity to quote it every 5 minutes. We ripped out the crayon (dog chewed, not artist sloppiness) stained, glue stuck and dirt filled carpet and replaced it with what appears to be antique flooring (love Ikea laminate). Painted and replaced the shelving. I also got a brand new i-mac in addition to my PC and it's been lots of fun to play on. It deserved a new home... :) Now, we can never move.

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Knitwit said...

Awesome new studio! Kudos to you and Rolland for all the hard work. I can't imagine being anything but inspired in such beautiful surroundings!