Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Smarts... use 'em or lose 'em!

I found myself with 5 minutes to spare today and I decided to make some art. It's not the great project I've been contemplating, it's not time consuming and complicated involving every art utensil known to man (although I did use a watercolor crayon!) but it was relaxing and fun. It was also all I had time for in a rather hectic week. I did stamp a piece of glass in anticipation for tomorrow's art... maybe 15 or 20 minutes will be found tomorrow!

The idea here is that it was fun and enjoyable. I'm spending time in the studio, with Abby puppy, and just played. It's my version of a coloring book. Sometimes I don't think I start anything because I don't have enough time or I'm not sure when I could finish, or 50 other perfectly reasonable excuses for not creating. The truth is, you go stale when you don't create or re-charge and find inspiration. It's been a rough month and it's going to get hectic with the holidays so I have to squeeze in the fun projects when I can. This piece was made using my new favorite stamp and my brand new watercolor crayons.

P.S. Also, I should have more time because I'm a little bit grounded for staying out too late last night with my friend Bo. It was totally worth it! :)

Happy Wednesday guys... the weekend is almost here!


MarilynH said...

This is so fun, Amy!!! I agree about why we don't start project sometimes. I find I get too lazy to pull out supplies and use them, if they are all put away and organized. Therefore a little mess is a good thing! I bought that phrenology stamp recently but have yet to use it. ooooo, and i LOVE WC crayons! which ones did you buy?

Bo said...

Uh oh. Sorry to get you busted. Next time I'll try to shut up sooner!

It was great seeing you, though!

abbymaya said...

The watercolor crayons I got were Staedtler and they come in a nifty metal tin so we don't have a repeat of the red paw incident!

I think I'm ok, and will avoid future groundings, as long as I pay attention to the cell phone and check in!