Saturday, September 23, 2006

Puppy drama and a pink computer in the making

We had a little puppy drama in our house Friday morning, Maya our Akita, was having some labored breathing and my husband had to be at work so it was just me rushing her to the vet. The thing about Maya is that she can't get in my SUV on her own. Abby, the German shepherd, hops in and is in the back reading a magazine by the time we get Maya in. She's really cute because she just puts her front paws on the seat and waits for you to lift her in. Normally, this is something my husband does but Friday morning it was me... struggling to lift the 110lbs of furry cuteness that is Maya into the backseat of my car which sits at a steep incline in the driveway. It also has stadium type seating in the back so it's very tall. Myself, not so tall. This was something to see.

So, Maya is now in the car and we get to the vet who looks her all over but wants to make sure she's okay with x-rays and blood tests. I have to come back for her a few hours later, turns out she has a urinary tract infection and will be fine with anti-biotics and otherwise she's healthy. But, needs to drop a few pounds. I say, who doesn't but after the SUV ordeal, I'm cutting back on the treats. And yes, we had to repeat the same procedure at the vet's to get her back in the SUV... it's good that she's unbelievably cute and sweet.

In other news, my husband is building me a new computer because the laptop I use for art, blogging, etc is in a death spiral and takes about 15 minutes to come on... I think he got tired of listening to me rant. I jokingly asked if my new computer could be pink and he found one! It's really pink and very cute... for a computer box!

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