Monday, September 04, 2006

Caught red pawed!

I'd hoped to get a lot of art done but I haven't accomplished much in the way of pieces. It's been more of a clean up and organizational weekend. The husband and I worked out in the garage, it's turning into shop/studio space also, so we were cleaning up stuff from the floors project, hanging peg board, organizing workbenches, etc. While doing that, I was playing in my art journal and must have dropped a watercolor crayon on the floor. Detective that I am, I deduced this from the huge red spots in the studio carpeting (next room to get new flooring) and the puppy with red paws! Thank goodness she's ok but I wasn't happy.

On other news, I've been watching my few items on Etsy with a little more vigor than is healthy. I'm excited because they've only been up a few days but some items have been viewed 39 times! While this is exciting, I also have a tendency to become pessimistic and think I have lots of people looking but not interested in my pieces. I think this is just all part of the process and you have to take some risks to get rewards... I know that ultimately, it's all a learning experience and just part of the artistic process.

Hope everyone's having a Happy Labor Day. Back to the mines tomorrow. Ugh.

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