Thursday, September 21, 2006

Green Tea Ornament

I bought this great book and it helped me with my soldering for adding connectors and rings. I've always wanted to try soldering the glass bubbles and the book made it look easy. This is one of my first attempts and I have to say it's harder than I thought!

The main problem with soldering the glass bubble is adding the connector. I add the copper foil to the back but it doesn't attach very well. I've tried it by adding the foil pre-soldering and post-soldering but neither works very well. The foil won't adhere or just melts off... it's very frustrating! I plan to keep practicing but this is how it's going so far. :)

On a non-art front, the Texas State Fair is getting ready to start and I've already got our tickets. We've wanted to go but never managed it (we've been here for 11 years) but this year, my work had tickets on sale so I snapped them up and we've got a plan! I'll keep you posted on how many foods on a stick they really have.

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