Thursday, July 27, 2006

Finally, back up and running

I've finally got internet service again. I tried to post last night but blogger and my internet were having issues. I created this piece and love how it turned out. All that's left is to solder.

I do have an important safety tip however. Copper foil, is still foil and can cut a chunk out of your thumb when trying to peel the tape of the piece when you feel the tape isn't lining up just right. Or so I've been warned. I noticed the cut when I saw blood drip on my desk... oops. I hate that because once I know it's cut, then it starts to hurt. It was just fine when neither the brain nor I acknowledged it!

Anyway, I've got a ton of soldering to do but it should go really well now that my irons have been re-tinned. My husband did a great job of making them sparkle again.

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