Saturday, July 15, 2006

99 bottle ...

Well, something like that! I'm on a bottle cap making spree and here are a few important safety tips. The dremel that burned up but had an adjustable speed control, well, those should be replaced otherwise you end up using your regular dremel that you use in the drill press to sand and it turns out sparkles will fly. Literally. The grinder on high speed and the bottle cap whole was a little scary. I had to send the puppies out of the room. Now, my very sweet husband would be (if he were home when this happened) pointing out that I could stop during said process and not risk flying metal, sparks and potential fire hazards. Um, right. Anyway, I did not stop mid-sanding and here's a quick look at the plethora of in progress bottle caps.

p.s. I love that the spell check wants to change dremel into dreamily.

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