Thursday, July 06, 2006

Candy Jar Swap

I signed up to participate in a candy jar swap... it seemed like a really cool idea, until I had to think of one! This is what I came up with for my jar and I kind of like. It's fairly simple but I tend to either keep it simple and straight forward or go totally overboard and glitter anything that moves. In this case, I thought less was more. I made smaller ATC's (on actual playing cards) then laminated them. Turns out, adhesive won't stick to laminated cards so I removed the laminate film from the back (keeping it on the front) and then re-applied the adhesive, added a ribbon and am calling it a candy jar!

Hopefully my swap partner will enjoy it, I certainly had fun adding the words and giving you a sense of who these ladies might have been.

1 comment:

Bo said...

"Self-luminous" is a fun descriptor!