Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mind Blown

So Jonathan Adler has a line for JCP called Happy Chic. I knew they were making all the changes to be trendy and down with all the super cool kids but I never expected them to really mean it. I love, love, love Jonathan Adler and tried to justify the $350 elephant lamp for Sophy's room but couldn't really do it.  I also love his partner Simon Doonan who was (is?) the creative director for Barney's and while I hate Barney's as elitist assholes - even more so than Neiman Marcus and that's saying something. He has fantastic style and an amazing spirit. His window displays were incredibly.

Uhm, anyway back to Jonathan Adler. He's got some very cool pieces at pretty reasonable prices with the JCP line and I picked a few favorites as window shopping.

Love this little bird pillow. Super cute for kids or just a whimsical accent.

I will admit that this couch is a fantasy more than anything practical in our house. Those wooden legs seem less than sturdy for all the real life flopping that goes on in our house. Also, it seems un-conducive to partially gnawed on bunny crackers and snot that would get wiped on it. But I love it for my dream house that is cleaned by elves that also stock the pantry and cook dinner.
This vase is also awesome. I love the black and white stripe in nearly all schemes since it screams "I'm fun damn it!" at you regardless of how snooty you may be striving.

This is also causing further decorating angst for my downstairs main living spaces (I won't even acknowledge the upstairs). I've wanted to repaint since we did it and it came out much darker than I liked. Rolland was thrilled since he would love to live in a cave without light at all. I'm still contemplating white to brighten it up and allow for multiple accessory swap outs. This is unlikely since I refuse to ever get to such a pitiful state and I kind of hate to paint.

Sidenote: I just finished watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills followed with a Justified chaser and that's not a TV leap the body should normally make. Although that Andy Cohen smack down to Adrienne Maloof would've been Harlan approved.  I'm going to bed to sleep it off. But, Deputy Marshall Tim is quickly gaining super fans.

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