Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Grandma made her an Easter dress with a little Easter bunny apron. Adorable. I think she can wear her dress through most of the summer. She's a little shorty, not that that's likely to change, but she's due another growth spurt so then it will be perfect. This year was much different than her first Easter, mostly because she's older than a month! She loved digging through her basket and pulling out the goodies "What's that?" "What's this?" are her new favorite questions. Once you answer her, you then get a long follow up but she's not quite articulating everything yet. Still, she's got a lot to say. We also ventured out to the playground for her first ride in the swings. She was a little cautious but quickly started giggling. The slides? Not so much. She'll have to work up to those. She was constantly putting her breaks on with her tennis shoes. Next year, egg dying and the Easter egg hunt. Can't wait! Hope you had a fantastic holiday.

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