Monday, March 11, 2013

Baby Mermaid

Last week was another busy week but we managed to get in a swimming lesson, her first, on Saturday. There's not much teaching going on but it's awesome to see that she's as much of a water baby as I was/am. She's a brave little girl who loves it all and was more than willing to try anything. The only thing she didn't like was learning how to climb out. Go figure.
Cutest little water baby ever.
This shot is one of my new all time favorite pics. Rolland took the initial photo and I made it all pretty and fancy via Picfx.

Sidenote: Photostream is fantastic and we'll never be able to get rid of apple now. They are fiendish in their sucking you in.

Anyway, Picfx is my new favorite app that adds all kinds of super cool effects. My goto's are Marshmallow, Bokeh hearts and the vignette framing. I end up layering about 9 of them and start losing track. Given how my days have been going, I need this bit of artistic accomplishment as a sign of great achievement.

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