Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sunday Musing

It's been pretty low key in our house after a crazy work week. Since I switched jobs last June it's a nice 8-5 environment so I can't really complain especially compared to my previous gig. Even with the craziness I still miss my work crew and the ensuing zaniness. Mostly I still keep in touch and can't wait until Sophy's birthday for another group meet up. It's all a little bittersweet and catches up to me at weird times. Last week is one of them. I've mostly pushed through and have recovered enough to shop and add a few new items to the wardrobe even in our frugal times. Sale people, sale!

These are some new goodies on their way to my hot little hands as we speak. I wasn't sure about this one but Rolland co-signed and at $30 bucks it was hard to resist.

In channeling my inner Joan from Mad Men, if you had to click the link you need to get yourself caught up on Mad Men pronto, I couldn't resist this. I also think it will be perfect for a date night on our trip to Seattle next month.

I have resisted this and this but I'm keeping my eye on them in case of a significant coupon.

This shirt is on my spring must have list and am currently saving pennies. I'm even hunting down a version of the orange necklace at some point in the future. Fantastic styling for my super preppy wish list must have for my white jeans.

In our mini-shopping weekend we picked up a few Mini Boden items for Sophy Bear. Love their clothes but they're pretty pricey so stocking up while I can. When she hits two she's going to be rocking some super cute outfits. We did splurge on her birthday dress. Soooo cute. Can't wait. I also got a text that my sister, Debbie, who lives in Austin was in town with her son for a tennis tournament so we caught up for brunch today. Got some good pics. Also the first time I had met my nephew Jesse who is a cutie. He's a fantastic tennis player and was kicking some tennis tail at Allen High School. Go Jesse!
This week I need to get back to the regular gym attendance. Dreading those 4:30 am wake up calls though. Not much else planned and that's nice. Dinner at home and a little tv time... OH! Are you watching The Americans? I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It's filling my Homeland void since having cut of movie channels. Also loving Continuum. Even Rolland likes it and he typically hates all Syfy programming. A few more new shows starting and adding to DVR. I'll report back once I remember what they are and if I'm enjoying them.

Happy Sunday and back to football now that the lights are back on... I mean really people, things that you should double check include cords, fuses and wattage Beyonce may need for lip synching. Yep, I said it.

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