Friday, February 08, 2013

Odd and Random

I'm tired. Not just need more sleep and I'll be fine tired but burned out and I'm pretty sure it will never end tired. So... I'm going to talk about pretty things that make me happy.

My Land's End purchases were fantastic especially the chevron dress and the Joan dress. Rolland approved highly of both.

These shoes are greatness. I've discussed lots my inability to walk in heels without risking death but for these I might risk it. LOVE.

I've also got this great little book,The Little Paris Kitchen: 120 Simple But Classic French Recipes ,
on the way

I saw it last weekend at Anthro but couldn't justify the full price when Amazon is soo much cheaper allowing for more future book purchases along with super cute baby clothes.

Our house is also into 1st b-day planning which isn't much really. Ordered a few super cute party elements, also via Amazon (I pay for prime and I'm using it!), and found some cute plates/cups. I need to compare with party supply before ordering. I hate to ship if I don't have too.... ignore book purchase above since saving $12 bucks is "have to" in this era of fiscal frugality.

Also loving this print from Zutano. Frankly, I love most all of Zutano but wait for sales. Sophy could go to college or be a super cute baby with these prices.

Tomorrow equals Trader Joe's and Rudy's breakfast tacos. Giant yum! Ok, 9:45 on Friday night and I'm heading to bed. Maybe it will help take the tired edge of just a little.

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