Sunday, February 10, 2013

Klyde Warren Park

We took a family outing to downtown Dallas to visit Klyde Warren Park and check out the food trucks. It was relatively crowded when we got there at 1 but it was really filling up by the time we left about an hour later. It was gorgeous out with great views of Big D. It made me miss working downtown and the perks of at least city visiting. Rolland mentioned his favorite sports radio guys loved the park but felt like it really had a lot going on. Probably too much and I think I agree. I think the reading area with supplied material is kind of silly and there's a ton of stuff for kids to do that made me a little sad to think we feel like we have to supply them with all of this stuff vs old school use your imagination and just run like a kid through the damn park already... I digress.

Rolland had his favorite banh mi sandwich with shrimp chips. I stuff with a hot dog and chips. All tasty.

Super fancy Museum Tower.

Working on overcoming picture shyness so here I am. Bad hair day and all. :)

Performing arts center and modern sculpture in the back along with One Arts Plaza. More fanciness.

New Perot Museum in the background with the external escalator.

Sophy was not impressed.

Unnecessary (in my opinion) reading selections.

She did enjoy the shrimp chips.

Fly over by Southwest was freaking some folks out. I may have giggled. A lot.

Waiting for his tasty sandwich.

We also picked up a new side table at West Elm and I've got banana bread in the oven. Fairly perfect Sunday.

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