Monday, April 23, 2012

Test Run

This week is the test run for going back to work next week. We're getting up when Rolland leaves for work, getting ready and packing up to head out of the house to make sure we've got the timing and routine down.

This morning, this was my new view in the bathroom when getting ready. Normally she hangs out in her bassinett in our room but she got up early and was already to go before I had even showered.

She went to sleep in her room after her bottle so I put her in her crib and turned on the baby monitor. It's great that she likes her crib and doesn't seem to mind being in there, but it's hard that at 2 months she already seems to be growing up and becoming more independent. I know it's a huge leap from here to college but it's shocking how quickly she moved from a newborn who only wanted to sleep on me or Daddy to now being by herself in her room for a while.

I'm listening to her play in her pack n play now and can't imagine going an entire day without her. I may have to do some shorter days back to work to ease into it. After our morning run, I'm happy to think this is much more my issue than hers.
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