Friday, April 13, 2012

Catch Up

I haven't forgotten about posting I just haven't had much time to get to it. The husband set up my laptop on the dining room table so now I'm able to run wild on the intranets with baby safely nearby in her pack 'n' play. For my last two weeks at home, this will be greatness and I have totally unrealistic expectations for getting back into the kitchen. Also, we've been fairly under the weather with complications from delivery to general illness but now I think we're over the hump.

On Easter we did the required baby in the bluebonnets pictures. Next year should be awesome with her ability to actually sit up/walk and pose. She'll be running wild!

Generic cute baby picture. She loves to play on Mommy & Daddy's bed so I can get some good picture time in.

Small kitchen side note:
I made the basic meatballs from this book and they were fantastic. I used pork and beef in the mix since I had ground pork in the freezer. It also makes them a little lighter than all beef. I served them with the basic tomato sauce which wasn't as tasty and pretty bland so I'm continuing the tomato sauce search.

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