Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fantasy NYC Vacay

image via a blind flaneur

I wish I was there although it's for good reasons I'm not. I'm strangely concerned about flying and being pregnant although everyone assures me I'm crazy I don't really care. Also, those fancy nurseries won't pay for themselves and there are some fancy nursery items I have my eye on but...

I am slightly jonesing for NYC. I had never been then went a million times (or 5) in a 4 month period and I was hooked. I became a city junkie. I loved the crowds, the noise, the restaurants, the shopping, all of it. Even the husband doesn't mind and there's tasty food options and good walking so he avoids boredom.

I think our weekend would kick off with Time Warner Center and Bouchon followed by a walk in the park with lots of picture opportunities. We've never really explored anything north of that area so this might be the time. Next, a day down in Soho which wouldn't be complete without a visit to Balthazar's and Pearl River. I think a little more exploration of the East Side and Chinatown would also work into the mix. I'm sure we'd also work in a significant amount of baby shopping and general wandering.

I think I may combine my new love of journaling (OMG Teesha Moore's videos are fantastic and how did I miss them?!) and the fantasy vacation. More gushing to come in a future post.

Happy Thursday!

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