Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fort Worth's Main Street Arts Festival 2011

The husband knows it's a little rocky at work right now so to take my mind off of it he volunteered to take me to the Fort Worth Main Street Art Festival. I've gone a few times before and it's always fabulous. I always want to move afterwards to a place that has tons of wall space and square footage for gallery walls.

Me as a happy art camper. I even dressed in a reasonable fashion with white t-shirt (usually wear black and bake in the sun), sunscreen in lotion and make-up along with hat to protect head from sunburn along with forehead and nose.

I saw these pieces and immediately wished for an extra $10k hanging around so I could take one, or two, home with me. These were incredible in person. The artist is Aaron Hequembourg and I'm already planning to start an art piggy bank for one of his pieces along with that house that was previously mentioned. I'd need it since some of them are huge.

This little guy, which was pretty large as well, is adorable and has such a great expression especially for a metal sculpture. I think this one would fit in the backyard but not necessarily the car.

You can have one of these fabulous sculptures for a measly $25k and a huge truck for transport. The pieces had more than a few folks mesmerized.

I fell hard for these pieces. The artist, Micheal Paul Cole, creates a plaster background on a wood canvas and mounts a photograph (not digital but actual film and dark room image) on the piece. He also made the frame out of maple. In fact, I loved this one so much it's now hanging on my living room wall!

I got a few more pieces that I'll have to put in future posts since they're unframed prints and it's dark to take an image at this point. Also, I'd like them to be framed to truly show them off. I also picked up a few gifts. Buying directly from the artist is my favorite way to shop. People get one of a kind gifts and I get to support artists I really admire and respect who are trying to make a living doing what they love. Puppies, unicorns and glitter for everyone!

And because the husband is such a sport, I took him for burgers over at Tim Love's Love Shack.

Burger with what I believe to be the perfect bottom bun with a finger hold for adding condiments.

Burger Love... sigh. Seriously, this place was fabulous and the outside setting is gorgeous. The sky was the perfect Texas blue sky with a breeze and mild temps. Heaven on a patio. If you find yourself in Fort Worth with a burger hankering run over to try it out. I promise, it's fantastic!

In case you didn't believe me, blue skies. The red (neon), white building and blue sky are the perfect red, white, and blue combo.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.


beth barton said...

Great post. Love the pics (especially the bull).

abbymaya said...

I really kind of did want to pack him up and take him home but I think that would've been too much for the rest of the family.

Maija said...

So sorry work is rough right now! So wonderful of Honey to take you to the show- so much beauty to look at!!