Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Cooking

I did a ton of baking this weekend since we actually had a few social functions including a baby shower for my friend Colleen and a going away party for Suzanne who is moving to Austin to pursue her dream of opening a coffee house. Yay!

Since we did have a lot of weekend plans I haven't gotten those photos off the camera but I do have these as placeholders from past weekend endeavors.

Suzanne's going away potluck called for some tasty goodness that is quiche. I made a few options since Suze is a vegetarian and Ann is gluten free. Ann got her own personal quiche sans crust.

After the return from New York and the delectable Balthazar, which I previously raved about here, I wanted to try and recreate the experience for Rolland. Turns out, not even close but he enjoyed it.

Onions cooking.

Finished soup mine and a pic of theirs.

I mostly enjoyed this.

Happy Monday!

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