Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flea Market Finds

We went to the flea market on Saturday instead of the usual farmer's market. Hubby was only going to do one! Turns out, this was an excellent choice since lots of goodies were found. Die cut greatness, a few more paper goods, an awesome cream cornucopia vase for $5 bucks plus lots of others Rolland was shocked to discover I was dragging home.

Love this pin; even if the folks at work were a little perplexed by the deer pin. How could you not love her?!

Another favorite find is the Big Tex charm. Anyone familiar with the Texas State Fair will recognize him.

Also found lots of medal goodies.

This Saturday, back to the Farmer's Market! Luckily the flea market is only monthly. Gives me time to save up the allowance.

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Cashon&Co said...

ahhh, yes, Big Tex!!!